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Satisfaction survey are also used by big market research companies and give you very good reward for asking their questions. Customer survey paying you also as a cash and give you sometimes a lot of prizes.

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Satisfaction Surveys

    This type of data contains what your customers think and feel during a transaction. Was your store dirty? Why did we buy the black suitcase and not the blue? Is there something wrong with a blue suitcase? Etc. Simple questions in the form of a transactional survey - sent out right after a purchase or at the bottom of a receipt - can be very effective in filling in a quantity of the holes that your current customer satisfaction survey system (or lack thereof) might have.

    While lots of companies have spent millions of dollars on "customer relationship management software" as CRM, the investments have not yet proven to be worthwhile due to kinds of data being collected on a daily basis. Most of the data obtained by CRM systems is number's heavy and contains details of transactions including how much, total cost, price, etc. The data that is missing - that is most desired - is what the experts call "attitudinal data".

    In additional to this style of transactional satisfaction customer survey, you can also issue periodic customer satisfaction survey - perhaps every year or maybe five time a year... the less often the better. These customer satisfaction survey would ideally capture and show a trend over the long term. Maybe you are a hotel chain and your scores were low in 2007. You surveyed your customers, and what overwhelmingly became apparent is that we would like wireless internet in all the rooms. So you put it in. In 2009, you issue the same survey back to them and show huge increases in satisfaction.

    This is another nice way to survey your customers. However you plan on conducting customer satisfaction surveys, always keep your customer's time and loyalty at the top of your mind. lots of surveys, emails, phone calls - are only going to annoy them. Keep them on your side by showing them exactly what you are going to do with their feedback, and show them the results when it is done.

    Brian received his degree in marketing from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management. Brian Henderson oversees internal and external marketing for Prezza Technologies. Prior to joining Prezza Technologies, Brian has held senior-level marketing positions in successful New England-based companies, including Perseus Development Corp, Equal logic Corporation, and EMC Corporation.

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