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    With the power of the internet today men and women are making great money just by giving businesses your opinion, it is now very easy to make money from home, weather you are looking for a little extra money or looking to get cash full time. one of the best ways to make extra cash online is to get paid for your opinion and take online surveys for money and even getting money for chatting online.

    Why do companies pay people to participate in cash surveys and focus groups? Businesses us the information to get peoples take on different products and services. Businesses us this information to help in the marketing their new products. Some companies are also paying for chat with them.

    Market research companies do all the survey questioning. Big fortune 500 companies like Target and Pepsi use research companies to organize and gather opinion results to be used in marketing and product development. Marking research companies have the experience To run the surveys and focus groups and get results.

    Business that do market research run two different types of surveys offline or in person or online. Offline marketing groups are are in groups of 5-10 men and women that get together in a room in which a person from the marketing firm will ask the men and women there opinions about a certain product or service. Offline focus groups are more likely to test things you can see or taste. The average off line group last about two hours spending the time focusing on one single product with everybody giving their views. Survey and focus group are paid $30-$200 for each session. If you like to chat online you can also make some little money about 1$-5$ per chat.

    Online focus groups and  surveys for money are a cost effective way for market research companies to get the same data as offline marketing, in a cheaper and faster way. Online focus groups usually consist of 8-10 people in a chat room setting where they will be asked to watch a commercial or listen to a jingle. The focus groups are watched by a person from the company and they can communicate with the moderator and ask question as well. Online money survey pay $5-$75 per session, while online focus groups last from one to two hours and pay you between $30-$150 per marketing session.

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