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Employee Satisfaction Surveys | Employee Surveys

    Have you ever thought why many companies carry out employee satisfaction surveys?

    Surveys have become the main tool for any entrepreneur to asses the  of the employees of the company. Mostly the employee satisfaction surveys are conducted by the human resources departments of the companies. Some companies authorize some other independent agencies to carry out market research.

    As all of us know, the satisfaction of the employees is a key factor for the success of any company. A recent study revealed a high dependence on the success (in terms of profits) of the company with the success of its staff. The best way to get the feelings of the staffs is employee satisfaction survey.

    What are the main factors to be considered in preparing the questionnaires for the employee satisfaction surveys? In fact many factors can be thought of which directly influence the  market research. But there are few factors, which could not be missed in this offers. There should be questions based on these factors in the research.

    There should be employee satisfaction survey questions about the payments and perks. Are they enjoying the financial freedom?

    • Working environment: One of the  survey questions should address the sufficiency of the facilities and amnesties in the company.

    • Interpersonal relations: The survey questions about the relations between the employees are very important. It should not be missed in this questions.

    • Management: It is very important whether the management is efficient or not in their view point. So there should be  survey questions on it.

    • Improvement: The employee satisfaction surveys should ask the employees their suggestions to improve the working of the company.

    • Other facilities: There should be specific questions in the  surveys regarding conveyance, medical and canteen facilities.

    • Feeling: Finally  surveys should find out whether the employees feel that they are integral part of the company. This only will tell whether they are satisfied fully with the company and its functions.

    • If you cover these seven areas in the employee satisfaction surveys, then you can be assured of getting valuable feedback in  surveys. There are some limitations for this marketing research. Most of the employees will not be willing to provide frank answers to the employee satisfaction survey questions as they feel that the management may see it and take actions against them. So it is highly necessary to take the employees in confidence before going out for surveys. Another best way is to make it a secret employee satisfaction survey and it is always better to entrust the responsibility of the market research to an independent agency. 

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