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 Market research firms gives you ability to earn about 50$ per hour for filling their questionnaires. There are a lot of large market companies use  satisfaction market research for their market.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Do you know what customer satisfaction surveys are? Modern business fraternity uses many modes to attract more and more customers to purchase their products. Also they use many techniques to get proper feedback from the customers to improve the quality of their products. Customer satisfaction survey are the first among these methods.

    The prospects of a business depend purely on the satisfaction and customer satisfaction surveys give you their feelings. If they are not satisfied with the product, even with many ads highlighting the benefits of the product will not help the market to move. Hence it is imperative to know whether the customers are satisfied with your product in the market through market research focus groups. Shakers and movers of the market always do the market research.

    What are the main points to be touched on the customer satisfaction surveys? There can be innumerable number of factors which decide the satisfaction of a customer and it is better to touch up on them in market research. But typically, there are five factors which are common to all products. Customer satisfaction survey questionnaire should contain these five aspects inevitably. The focus groups need to be based on

    (1)   Quality of the product:  It is the first and important factor.  Customer should experience and feel the quality of product.

    (2)   Matching with the requirements: The product should absolutely fulfill the requirement of the customer for which the product is meant for.

    (3)   Price of the product: This is very important. The cost of the product should match with the value addition it gives to the life of the customer. If it is overpriced even with good quality, the product may not move in the market.

    (4)   Demand and Supply: The product should be available in stores as and when the customer demand arises. Uninterrupted supply should be assured.

    (5)   Customer care: I feel this is the best part which helps more for the satisfaction of a customer.

    Customer satisfaction survey should address questions about all these five items.  While preparing customer satisfaction survey questionnaire, you should keep in mind some tips.


    • Do not bother the customers with long answering  survey questions. The customer satisfaction survey questions should be multiple objective types, with options of answers.

    • Restrict number of  survey questions to be minimum

    • Survey questions need to be crisp, clear and concise. Avoid unambiguous  survey questions.

    • In customer satisfaction survey, do not compel the customer to reveal their identity. It should be optional in customer satisfaction surveys.

    • There are many ways one can carry out successful market research. The best way is through internet online facility. You can reach out to the customers through emails or through your eBay sites to carry out customer satisfaction survey. In this mode  surveys are easy, convenient and fast.

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