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Credit Card Matrix

    The bank will then use your money to finance a credit card account that another customer opens, and she or she will pay 18% interest on any balance carried over to their next monthly bill. The difference between the 3% the bank is paying the savings account customer and the 18% the bank is earning on the customer's credit card account is called the spread, and it is this 15% revenue generated, less its operating expenses, that accounts for the bank's profit. People used to exchange goods and services for other goods and services before money was created, and some people still barter today to avoid using money (mostly for tax reasons I am told).

    The idea has been around since they first ditched the barter system for a monetary system of coinage. You could generate a system of growing money by making entrance to the system affordable, rewarding people for bringing others in to the system, and using leverage to build volume and profit. It is called a forced credit card matrix, and it is two of lots of variations of using money to generate money. Banks have been doing it forever. They will safeguard and insure any money you put in to a savings account and pay you perhaps 3% annual interest on your deposit. I am guessing that this claim means it is not only fail safe, but fool proof. I found this reassuring as I would not need to be made a fool by losing my time and money should I choose to participate. It sounded like a elementary system.

    The $7 fee to join makes it available to everyone. You then pay $7 monthly to maintain your membership, and when you are able to get two people to join with you in the system, your overheads are paid because it generates a 50% commission paid from their joining fee. Apparently it is a 2x matrix, meaning those first two people you got to join are on your first level. Then you teach those first two people how to do what you did, and shortly a infant sapling begins growing roots in to the ground that extend farther and wider than you could see on a clear day. The logical extension of this is that, even though no two started out to conquer the world, a real possibility is created, so to speak, as this doubling effect in only 29 days would have more than 536 million people involved, which would be 236 million more people than reside here in the United States, as they passed the 300 million mark in population growth.

    A mere 4 more days would have the matrix at 8.5 billion people involved, which, of coursework, would not technically be possible since there's currently only slightly more than 6.5 billion people on planet Earth. It is refreshing to encounter anyone who thinks large! Could this logical extension happen? Well, why not, since the stated purpose of the offer reassures us that "we can generate $11,000 monthly incomes for our entire team!" This is heady stuff for a dinky 2x matrix.

    When they learned to produce coins from metal our marketplace expanded rapidly as more people could be involved in producing and consuming goods and services. Coinage leveled the playing field so a person in need of food did not need to exchange a more valuable item for a meal. All of this came back to me today as I was surfing the Web and came across a forced matrix opportunity with this prominent headline: 2 new members 12 days = $11,776. I thought it's been a long time since I made $11,776 in 12 days. After that thought, I reminded myself that I have never made $11,776 in 12 days.

    Now you can appreciate why an Web Marketer surfing the Web might be interested in such an opportunity. This is all possible, according to the offer, through its -


    The Perfect System That Can Not Fail." Imagine the effect of a 10x matrix, assuming, of coursework, they could find a thinker 5 times as large. Two thing is for sure: Should this logical extension happen, it would dwarf the generous many-billion-dollar-plus contributions Bill and Melinda Gates are making to needed causes around the world.

    Two would have to concede, however, that raising the annual income of all people in underdeveloped countries around the world to $11,000 and per annum would be a stunning achievement that even Gates could not match with his wealth. But, alas, it is not be, because upon reading further I discover this 2x credit card matrix offer is capped at approximately $20,000 a month, which means the matrix is only intended to fill out to "x" amount of levels.

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